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Every human being is entitled to his or her dignity; both in life and beyond.

Unfortunately, throughout history many people have not had the opportunity to celebrate their dignity through no choice of their own. Even in the early days of America we stole the dignity from peoples we enslaved against their wills.

We are fortunate that yoke of enslavement has been lifted for many years, and while there's no changing what our ancestors may have done, we can try to right the wrongs now as best we can.

Recently in Covington, through the efforts of the African-American Historical Association and the city of Covington, the graves of at least 375 slaves who had been denied their dignity have been found. Although we don't know their names, two special ceremonies will be held tomorrow to honor their lives on this earth.

For more information on the ceremony, go to or read Wednesday's paper.

Any time you can help give back a person's dignity is truly a reason to celebrate life.

Thanks again to the African-American Historical Association, the city of Covington and to Forest Sawyer, who has never let his passion to honor these unknown souls flicker.