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Dawn of a new decade
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"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man."

- Benjamin Franklin

We think the year 2009 is going to be one of those years that we look back on and consider it a milestone on our lives.

We either had a good year or we didn't; there doesn't seem to have been a middle in life's ebbs and flows this year.

In 2009, we lost many of our pioneers - folks who through their efforts helped make our community be a great place to live.

Many of our neighbors lost their jobs, homes or both. Many businesses, whether established or just starting up, were forced to close their doors because of the economy. Yet still, in spite of these setbacks, we have survived.

We have talked to people who have learned to adapt to their new circumstances. One family, instead of exchanging store-bought gifts at Christmas this year, made gifts for their loved ones with their own hands. We are told that the simple act of extra work done with love caused that family to have their best Christmas ever.

Our community, in its long history, has had bad times before and after each tragedy our parents and grandparents and great-grandparents pulled through pits of despair.

This will happen to us; we will become a stronger and closer-knit community as a result of our trials.

We wish for each of you to have a special year in 2010. Remember to look ahead and not behind. If you do, then we predict that Newton County and Social Circle will become even more of a land of pleasant living and peace.