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Credit card theft
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Last week there was a big to-do about the possibility that credit card information was stolen from some customers of a local restaurant, the Mystic Grill. Our first message is there is no proof that employees or management of the restaurant did anything wrong in processing the credit cards.

Our second message is that credit card theft is happening at other businesses and across cyberspace.

The main message is this is a problem that can happen to anyone every time you use your credit card.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of time there have been people whose sole mission in life is to steal from good people who would never ever think of doing such a thing.

In Sunday’s paper we ran a story that contained helpful information provided by our local law enforcement officials that provided tips on how to protect your credit card from being hacked; see for that information and even more tips.

Unfortunately following every tip is not going to insure that your credit card use is going to be safe.

If you find yourself in a situation that someone has used your credit card without your permission, call your bank and then the police immediately. Doing so will mitigate your loss.

In the meantime, we believe that most businesses are doing everything they can to protect you and your credit card. If you do have a breach contact that company to see what their procedures are before you lash out and go to the media and blame folks that could lose their business over such charges which are many times not correct.

For those that love to hop on other’s misfortune, remember that you are hurting people that support our schools, our infrastructure and businesses that employ your neighbors. If you must make comments, direct them towards the dirty rotten scoundrels that perpetrate such crimes.