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Covington Council
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At its annual retreat, city officials talked about turning the American Legion Field located behind the YMCA into a place that could be used for entertainment and other social events that would benefit local citizens.

If this was done, we could see people traveling from around the area to attend concerts and the like.

These people would spend money with local merchants and their tax money left behind could be used to further expand our tourism reach and to bolster the Main Street program.

We encourage the city council to continue to study and pursue this project.

City leaders also discussed the possibility of hiring a communications officer. A few years ago, we would have been opposed to such an idea, but every day the world of communication is changing. We see a need for a person dedicated to spreading the good word of Covington and Newton county throughout the state by all social network venues possible.

Our suggestion would be if such a person is hired, they be required to live here in our county, have a passion for small town life and not feel Atlanta was the place to be.

We need someone as passionate about the area as we are.