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"That was the thing to remember about all monsters; they love to frighten people, but the minute you stare them down, they turn tail and run."
~ Jeanette Walls

Last week, it was reported that a sitting member of the Newton County Board of Education was attacked.

No, she wasn't in a fight or physically bloodied, but she was hurt in a more devastating and destructive way.

Shakila Henderson-Baker was slandered last week by a nameless coward, who in her own mother's neighborhood left letters in mailboxes that accused her of deeds which never happened. We are certain, knowing the character of Ms. Henderson-Baker, that would never happen.

This coward, who apparently did not have the courage to address in person any issue that he or she may have, chose to attack an innocent person in a way that is indefensible.

We seem to have had more than our share of cowards here in Newton County lately. It is a shame because we live in a good and caring community and to have these type of cowardly acts happen is a slanderous slap in the face that causes all of us to be embarrassed by the actions of a few.

The recent spat of nameless attacks on the characters of people in our community needs to stop for the good of our community.

Nameless cowards generally become exposed and when that happens they will forever be branded as the cowards they truly are.