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Cold spell
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Whew! It was a cold one last week , so cold that we imagine 50 years from now folks will be talking about how they lived through the big freeze of 2014.

While most of us were fortunate enough to stay warm indoors, out of the harm’s way, there were some who had to be out doing their jobs, despite the bitter cold, in order for life to carry on.

All of us owe a special thanks to our law enforcement officers, our firefighters, the folks who pick up our trash, and those who got up early to make the doughnuts and steaming hot coffee that got the rest of us going.

At The Covington News, we owe a special thanks to our carriers, who were out as early as 2 a.m. to ensure that your newspaper was delivered.

There are many, many more people who deserve thanks, more than we can mention here. This country was built on the backs of hardy souls who just go about their business daily, paying no mind to temperatures or the crises of the day.

Again, to all of you who fall in this category, thanks.