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Cleaning up in Porterdale
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Porterdale is historic, quaint and unique. It’s a great place to live and many of its homeowners take a pride in their community that is reflected in the meticulous way they keep up their yards and homes.

But more than half of properties are rentals, and a significant number are owned by absentee landlords.

That’s usually no problem, but some of those properties are dilapidated, abandoned and hazardous. Unkept and neglected, they take away from the whole neighborhood.

Residents have complained to the council, and now the city is cracking down, trying to clean up its neighborhoods through code enforcement. We applaud Porterdale for its efforts and for playing hardball.

One landlord last week was fined $1,300, placed on 30 days probation, and given that month to bring the property up to code or face jail time.

It’s going to take time to restore the city’s housing stock, but Porterdale seems up to the task. The city is asking anyone with concerns to report possible code violations to (770) 780-8046, or to (770) 786-2117.