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City manager
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We were shocked to learn last week that our newly appointed city manager, Leigh Anne Knight, had suffered a heart attack while on vacation in Florida.

When we learned that Leigh Anne returned home this week — and apparently is recovering well — we were more than pleased, as we’re sure the citizens of Covington and Newton County are as well.

We are sure your prayers are welcome as she continues her recovery.

If you or someone in your family has heart problems, we urge you to keep up with your medical appointments and care.

A heart attack can come at any time, even if you’re in the best of health.

Leigh Anne still is a young woman, and we are sure she did not expect this attack.

We are fortunate that medical advances have dramatically improved the prognosis of those who suffer heart attacks.

A heart attack is not as much of a killer today as it was for your grandfather or grandmother.

But don’t put off your annual checkup.

Leigh Anne, we look forward to having you back soon, running our city.