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Celebrating the USA's birth
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Next Saturday we celebrate our nation's biggest holiday; it will be marked by celebrations across the land.

In next Wednesday's paper and at, we will tell you where all of the municipal celebrations will be held in Newton County and Social Circle.

We ask you to please be careful this year; do not drink and drive. If you party too much, have a designated driver.

Georgia has strong laws concerning firecrackers. Those of you who go to South Carolina or Alabama to purchase firecrackers to use at home, please know that it is illegal to have certain firecrackers in this state. If you use firecrackers, remember that a spark can start a major fire and early explosion can maim or kill. We don't want to lose any of our readers to celebrating carelessly.

There are many places to watch fireworks. One of the safest ways is in the comfort of your home as the Capitol Fourth is celebrated on PBS.

God bless us here in Newton County and Social Circle and God bless America.