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Budget lessons
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As we've noted before, if you want lessons on how to handle a tight budget, check out the Newton County School System.

They've dealt with declining revenues properly and transparently and on Tuesday approved an operating budget that's $6 million lower than the current fiscal year budget. They marshaled their resources, stayed focused on the students and managed to make some tough cuts in the workforce as they pared $9 million from the budget. They went for innovation in privatizing alternative school services out to Ombudsman.

They managed to do all that without rank discord on the school board.

Some funding may even be restored as the decline in the county tax digest doesn't appear to be as severe as first expected, but the school board will wait on any further action until the numbers are confirmed.

We wish the Newton County Commission as it works on a similarly difficult budget would take a look at how the school board handles its business. They may learn something.