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During this past week we have had a political bombshell of sorts dropped on us here in our fair city.

Mayor Kim Carter announced at the Monday night council meeting that she does not plan to run for reelection.
Mayor Carter is in the final year of her first term as mayor of Covington.

We certainly have had our disagreements with some of the mayor's proposals at times, but we also have found ourselves in complete agreement with others.

We have found her to be straightforward and honest, and that's refreshing to see from any politician these days.
She handled her announcement Monday with grace and class, and we respect her for that.

Our city politics of late have unfortunately been fraught with personal agendas and attacks, much the same as it is in Washington at this time.

These types of personal agendas and politics in our community should not be acceptable.

Each of us has a protected right to disagree or agree on how things should be done to improve our community.
After a decision is made on any issue, we should all pull together to keep the ship of state on a steady course.

Now that the mayor has announced her decision to step down, we hope that the personal backbiting and undermining will stop and council will go about performing its duties in the business-like and professional way there were elected to.