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Blossoming Orchard Park
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Local developer Hubert White had a grand idea for a special, multi-use subdivision here in Covington. He called his development Orchard Park.

Unfortunately for White and other developers in the area, the housing bubble burst after he started his first phase.

Trying to sell new homes after that bubble burst was akin to selling ice to an Eskimo.

The people, who moved into the unfinished development with great expectations, lost hope of further expansion of their community.

There are plenty of communities in the area and across the state where folks like the residents of Orchard Park just gave up or depended on government money to advance their communities.

Not the families of Orchard Park - they organized, they held bake sales, they fought to control their own home owner's association and they did not surrender.

Today the Orchard Park community has a chance to survive and grow and reach its potential as a thriving mixed-use community.

The residents of Orchard Park are real community heroes whom we hold up as an example of good old American perseverance and pride.
We are proud to add the residents of Orchard Park to our list of Covington News Hometown Heroes.

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