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Marie Antoinette was the wife of French King Louis XVI, whose most notable footnote in history is that he was in power in 1789 when the French Revolution changed the world and resulted in his unfortunate encounter with the guillotine.

His wife, Marie Antoinette, soon joined him, suffering the same fate.

It has been said that during the height of the revolution in regards to the peasants not having bread, she supposedly uttered the famous condescending phrase, "Let them eat cake."

According to historians, the queen never uttered those cruel words: The statement was made up by the mainstream media of the day. We guess some things never change...

This past week our own leader, President Barack Obama, at a campaign fundraiser showed a bit of callousness in answering a question about our soaring gas prices.

Smirking and laughing, he said that if you can't pay for the gas, trade your old car in and buy one that takes less gas.

We are not having a true revolution in this country at this time, but this statement ranks right up there in terms of insensitivity and being out of touch as did "let them eat cake."

The difference is that Obama's statement was no piece of propaganda from the opposition; it was our president speaking before friends.

Fortunately, we still live in a caring, civilized country; we don't separate our leaders' bodies from their heads if we disagree with their actions and leadership.

We can, though, show our displeasure by voting. It is reassuring to know that in 20 more months we will have that opportunity if we choose to change our leadership.