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All the best John, good luck hiring committee
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The Covington-Newton County Chamber President John Boothby resigned last Friday after a three-year leadership role with the local organization.

In his resignation letter he said that he thought it would be a good time to try some of the things he had always wanted to do.

We wish him well in his new adventures in life.

We have always felt that the chamber, which represents the business community, should be the driving force on economic development for our county.

We pledge our support to the Chamber Board of Directors as they select members of a committee that will be responsible for finding a new president for our chamber.

We need to have someone in that position who will maintain the progress that has been made as well as someone who possesses the personality, energy and aggressiveness not only to seek new business and industry for community, but also to work in partnership with city and county officials in order to achieve that goal.