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A sad chapter
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We feel the Newton County Library and the W. H. Stanton Memorial Library in Social Circle are the best-run libraries in the state.

For the majority of us, the first official card we ever received was our library card.

Even though it only cost a few cents a day if you did not return your books on time, it was a great lesson because you found out early that if you didn't follow the rules, you paid.

Some of us can even remember the bookmobiles that came out to service rural communities.

Nowadays a library is much more than just a book warehouse - it provides computer services, music and videos and a quiet place to study or work. The library has also become a great place to go to search for a job.

We fully understand that because of county's budget constraints, the Newton County Library is forced to cut its hours. We wish there was some big benefactor out there who would come along and give the library the money it needs to keep all of it services going, but we can't count on that.

One thing we would like to see the library board reconsider is the decision to close on Saturday. We realize deliveries don't come on Saturdays and that was the easiest day to cut.

If deliveries could some how be coordinated to not come on another day of the week, then it would work better for all the parents and children who can only use the library's services on their days off, which are generally on the weekends, especially since the library will now close earlier during weekdays.