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A reminder to men
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September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month; we doubt there is one family in America that has not had at least one family member have some form of prostate cancer

This year 192,280 new cases of prostate cancer will occur in the United States.

The chance of getting prostate cancer increases as men grow older - two out of three prostate cancers are found in men over age 65.

Statistics show us that if your father has had prostate cancer, the probability of you having the same is almost 100 percent.

The fortunate thing about prostate cancer is that if diagnosed early, then the chances of it being controlled are great.

Don't hesitate to remind your husband, brother, father or grandfather to be tested. You can go to to read more about this disease.
Early detection is one way to improve your odds at beating prostate cancer, but also the treatment for prostate cancer has vastly improved. Newton Medical Center is a top-notch facility for both screening for and treating prostate cancer.

Gentleman, if you love your family you will put away your fears and call your doctor or visit Newton Medical and take the time to be screened for this potentially fatal disease.

Your family will thank you for the effort.