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A fine gentleman
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We always enjoy the opportunity to salute the people who help make our community a great place to live.

Last week, we ran editorial saluting teachers, and this week we wrote a profile on retiring Mansfield Elementary Principal G.W. Davis, as fine of a gentleman as you'll ever have the pleasure to meet.

Davis holds the title of longest tenured principal in Newton County, and the children, parents and teachers of Mansfield Elementary will surely miss the talented educator.

Davis devoted 19 years to serving as principal at Mansfield Elementary, a school he himself attended as a youth.

He's more than earned his retirement, during which he plans to visit as many Civil War battlefields as possible, become more involved in his church and, of course, do a little fishing and hunting.

Thank you Principal Davis; it's men like you, whose outstanding character has set an example for the hundreds of families that have passed through your school. You will be missed.