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A day of prayer
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This is going to be a very interesting political year on the local, state and federal levels. After all, 2012 is an election year with the big prize on the line.

It's also going to require that each of us reads the political commentary closely, listens carefully and deciphers the political rhetoric that is currently flooding the airways.

Most pundits would say the decisions we make this year on the people we entrust to lead us into the next chapter of our lives may be the most important in our lifetime. Whether those decisions will, in fact, carry more weight than any others in past elections is something we can't predict. Those decisions are important nonetheless.

Friday, local community leaders in Newton County gathered at Turner Lake complex to visit with their elected officials. Leaders offered prayers and shared thanks for their successes in making wise decisions this year that will affect us all.

The large crowd that gathered for the morning event listened to guest speaker Dick Yarbrough, a syndicated columnist for The News, speak about the power of everybody doing one good deed to help another person. He said if we all took the time to do that we would could change the world for the better. We certainly agree with that sentiment.

We pray that the positive thoughts that came out of this prayerful gathering will aid and guide our elected officials in their decision making in 2012.