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A blessing in Bolton
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Communities like ours are blessed to have residents who chose this community to live in out of all the beautiful cities in Georgia.

Some of these people move here because of the ambiance, the traditions, the general peacefulness. When some of these newcomers decide to involve themselves in various groups of their adopted community, they bring with them a sense of pride and excitement.

Communities like ours need this new infusion of spirit from time to time and to the credit of our community leaders, most recognize this new talent and gladly put them into positions that help us all.

One such person is Doug Bolton. Doug retired from the DeKalb police force, came to Newton county for all of the reasons we have pointed out plus he wanted to live near his children, and immediately got involved. In the relatively short time he has been a county resident he has become a leader in his church, has led the Covington Rotary and oversaw the tremendous growth of Hands on Newton.

Soon, Doug will be stepping down from the position of director of Hands on Newton; all of us owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts.

You would think a man who has retired twice would stay that way, but not Doug. He along with the Parks and Recreation Department will be spearheading the construction of the Miracle Field - a daunting task in these economic times

Some might tell you that this sports field dedicated to the handicapped children of the community will never get built. Those who say that haven't seen the sparkle in Doug Bolton's eyes when he talks about building this field. Doug, maybe after you accomplish this task you might just stay retired - we doubt it, and our community will only benefit from his continued leadership.