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A balance of power
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We have run numerous letters to the editor lately regarding the money that is given to the Covington-Newton County Chamber of Commerce by both the city council and board of commissioners.

We understand that in this economic climate, many feel this is a waste of tax dollars, especially with the basic needs of thousands of residents going unfulfilled.

If you have that feeling - it is unfounded.

The money given to the chamber for economic development of our city and county is used by the chamber to help assist both governmental bodies in their pursuit of new business for our community.

In fact, this allocation saves both entities thousands of dollars more that they themselves would have to invest in economic development. This savings allows the groups to invest our tax monies into other projects for the benefit of local residents.

We believe now - as we always have - that this community needs a strong, independent chamber of commerce. The chamber should represent the business community and act as a liaison between the business owners and elected officials.

This important role necessitates that the committee searching for a new chamber president recommend someone who has the skills to both lead the chamber in its economic goals, but also someone who can effectively represent the existing business community.