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4-H Week
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Today marks the end of National 4-H Week. Our local extension agent, Terri Kimble, has written three front page articles for us this week highlighting activities of Newton County's club.

Most children today would rather spend their time on the computer or play video games rather than taking care of animals or growing produce. However, Newton County has a vibrant 4-H Club.

The great thing about 4-H is that usually parents are just as involved as the students are. This is important to healthy child development and probably will spill over into the young people's lives as they become adults who are actively involved in their children's lives.

4-H not only teaches students how to feed cows or fertilize corn, it teaches them the value of caring for the well-being of something other than themselves, instills a deep sense of stewardship for the natural world and helps them create lifelong bonds with other members.

Terri, we are proud of the work you do and we are proud of our local 4-H'ers. Keep on striving to "make the best better."