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Man on the Street: What do you do for fun in Covington?
Anglin Family
Anglin Family

Megan Hardnett: “I definitely enjoy the festivities for the holidays…the tours for the different things since they’ve been filming a lot.”

Matthew Gerfin: “I just like hanging out at home a lot…in Covington.”

Olivia Lingren: “I go to Oxford College so I usually come to Bread and Butter once a week to study.  That’s not really fun, but it’s better than studying on campus.”

Gary Champion: “Just go out to eat…have dinner at the El Charro down here.” 

Henry Kaas: “The parks are pretty nice.  Other than that there’s not much to do around here, recreational wise.” 

Anglin Family: “I mean, it’s real pretty so we just walk around and look around.”  The Anglin family’s boys like to go to Game Time Sports, Scoops or AllStar Airsoft.