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What event were you at?
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To the editor: Were you at the same event I was at on Wednesday? It is funny how one liberal using the power of the press can take a great event for our area and tarnish it on the front page of the newspaper, which I have never seen done before by your newspaper. You in one article may have undone all the good will between the people of the Newton and Rockdale areas made by the Publisher and the people preceding you. I am sure Pat will have to use a big hose to put out this fire. I received more calls today from Newton County than I ever have in the past asking me if I was there and was that what I observed. As a result my video of the event has had more 24 hour views than any I have done in the one year of my website. For that I thank you. I have had 188 direct views in less than 24 hours and it has been shared a thousand times.

Your comment about a distorted message and a war Obama didn't start? Obama owns the war he escalated! As he does the worst economy since FDR he escalated. Remember the liberals said Bush should have focused on Afghanistan not Iraq. They couldn't move our troops out of Iraq fast enough and shift them to Obama's war in Afghanistan fast enough to try and show they were better at war than the Republicans. That after we all knew the real war should be with Iran and Syria as well as going into Pakistan if at all.

Newt connects with the middle class and the working man. Maybe you make a lot of money as a newspaper editor, but most people don't. Four dollar a gallon gas means no clothing, medicine and meat for a working family. If you were in the mainstream since the 70s and Jimmy Carter gas lines like I was, you would see the solution then was American oil and it is now American-produced oil. Newt correlated very eloquently the connection between pumping gas that comes from Muslim nations, that is then being used to kill us here at home, causing us to then go over there to fight them while driving our prices higher. Newt will end the cycle. By developing all of our energy, gas and oil, to private solutions in solar and nuclear, on day one the world market prices which are driven by futures would drop. Why? Because, they know as Clinton did when Newt was speaker of the House that he is a man of substance and will back up his words with action not rhetoric. Newt has a tremendous record of delivering on his promises. Mitt Romney has a liberal record. I am from MA and he can spin all he wants but he helped build a Democrat super majority in Congress for MA. He did nothing to help the Republican Party there. Maybe that is what you want?

Obama the Nazi, Muslim, Socialist, Communist and chief apologists is now apologizing for a Quran burning. His apology has caused the deaths of now six troops. I think we should take all the Qurans and burn them in the field of battle because it is the cause of the hate against free men by the original slave traders and Hitler's partners in WWII that never were punished. We should then give them Bibles. Instead we stop our troops from using a Bible and burn those? The Bible is so offensive for its teaching of love, and for Christians whose only goal as missionaries is to bring the Prince of Peace to the world. Are they offended when we build the hospitals they treat their sick in? Are they offended when they eat the food we send over by the millions of tons every year? Are they offended by the churches that volunteer to go abroad and bring medicine, build shelter, supply clothing and teach them how to dig their own wells and start their own small farms? We also were and mostly are a Christian nation today.

By using your power on the front page of your paper you embarrassed all of those who worked hard to bring a big-time politician and celebrity and maybe president of the United States of America to our area. You have now tarnished that excitement. Try being a partner in the community instead of trying to undo it. There is enough corruption in Newton County to report on without insulting our distinguished guests on the front page. You must really hate Newt or Republicans to do this to a great event. The kids were so excited. You also found the one Muslim in all of Newton County to make a negative comment. This will discourage others from wanting to come here. By the way Newt's visit brought people from Clayton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Forsyth and many other counties. Your selective reporting made it sound like it was a cold audience towards Newt. When in fact 99 percent of the people in attendance were excited and thankful to have a chance to be involved in big-time politics.

Our local businesses benefited from his visit. Ask Stalvey's Restaurant as more than a dozen people from the event ate there Wednesday after the show. Chik-Fil-A had a surge in business and many others from the more than 400people and press that came to town. Newt did more for the county's economy in one day than three years of Obama!

Edward C. Tracey
Newt Volunteer