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We need help on McGibboney Road
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Dear editor,

With all the earth shattering news this week and the possibility of a naval confrontation in the Middle East this may seem trivial, but only because you don’t live on McGibboney Road. This problem with speeders, wrecks and way too much traffic for a neighborhood street continues and the ‘solution’ to the problem, the so called engineer, Tom Garrett, who was appointed County Manager — illegally I might add — ‘worked on it’ for over an year and it is still just as much of a problem today as it was before the commissioners and their golden boy got on it.

As a result of this situation, I decided to see what other areas have such similar situations. As I ride around the state I seek areas which look familiar to the McGibboney Road problem. I would like to point out that the one I liked the best is on Bell Road in Conyers, Rockdale County. I will get around to talking to a few residents when I get a chance to see how this started and how it has played out.

I suppose we will have to go up and take actual photos of these and have them enlarged so the commissioners in Newton County can see just how simple it is to fix problems like these.

Again, if I were a commissioner I would simply say, “You see this photo of a speed hump? I want you to go to McGibboney Road and place enough of these on the street to assure the residents there will be no more speeding and no more wrecks. You may start first thing on Monday morning. I expect the work to be complete by the end of the week. If you can’t get the job done, you just let me know and I will find someone who can.”

Do we have any management skills on the commission whatsoever?

Sam Martin Hay III