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Unfair to Obama
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Dear Editor: You folks at the Covington newspaper are a piece of bad work. You waste no time at all giving your negative thoughts about President Obama. However, you fail to give the entire truth. For example, you decided to display a cartoon last week referencing what the majority of Americans feel about the president’s approval rating — which showed they disapprove of his job performance. But what you did not say is that those same "majority" (75 percent) of Americans also feel it’s unrealistic for the president to fix the country’s problems in 18 months. You know why? Because of George Bush’s failed policies of eight years that got us into this mess.

In addition, you also talked about President Obama going on vacation during the gulf crisis. My assumption is that you didn’t mention a few years ago when George Bush "stayed" on vacation when Katrina hit the gulf coast. Not only that, he didn’t visit the region until five days after the hurricane that ended up taking many lives hit. Furthermore, when he finally decided to act, he put an unexperienced crony to head FEMA — which was a total disaster. That was the kind of example you folks like as your president?

My fault with President Obama is that he hasn’t developed enough spine yet to tell you and others like you where to get off. When he finally decides to realize he cannot be everyone’s friend, then he can concentrate and focus on being the smart intelligent president that I elected him to be.

As they say, news sells albeit good or bad. I guess you guys stay in business because your Covington base enjoy reading bad, half-truth news.