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Dear Editor: I am absolutely incensed after reading the article "Non-renewal of contract stands" in Friday's News. Incensed, because for anyone to be paid that much money when our school system is ranked at the very bottom for academic achievement is robbery - robbery of the tax-paying citizens of this county.

At first, I was merely angry as I read about the "incompetent, insubordinate and willfully [negligent]" assistant principal at Newton High School whose contract was not renewed for the current school term. Then, I got to the final paragraph. It said that she earned $103,000 in salary (It did not mention benefits). One hundred and three thousand dollars!!!

And to think that this "educator" was shuffled from one Newton County school to another for nearly a decade while her superiors and co-workers knew of her incompetence, etc., is even more deplorable.

I wonder just how much longer the school board would have tolerated this behavior had it not been for the current budgetary constraints? Perhaps if they had ferreted out some more of these freeloaders they would not have had to raise our school taxes while we citizens were preoccupied with fighting to keep property taxes from going up. But that's an argument for another day.

DiAnn Wheeler