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Town hall meeting
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Dear Editor: Are we still living in the USA? Well, when I read the news and watch the news on television, the more it does not seem like the USA. That is when I hear things like U.S. Senators are saying they will not be having town hall meetings about health care. They say the reason for this is that the people who are coming to them are just manufactured and are really not concerned with health care and are no more than members of the GOP who are mad that they lost the presidential election. That is absurd when you hear people at the town hall meeting saying that they are Democrats and Independents. What? Are they scared that people will find out what is in the bill. That is the bill the U.S. Senators have not even read yet? This health care bill, if you call it that, is not very popular with the people. With the bill supposedly being so unpopular with the people, why can the senators and representatives say that these people who come to the town hall meetings are just manufactured people when more and more people are turning against the bill.
Maybe before they say that the people are just manufactured, they should read the bill.