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Time warp
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Dear Editor: I re-read Columnist Nat Harwell's article on Fixing America three times trying to uncover exactly what it was that ignited reader Barbara Morgan. To me every word penned by Mr. Harwell was the ungarbled and unvarnished truth. However, Ms. Morgan has paid for "rights" to mock and disagree with Mr. Harwell to her heart's content. Nonetheless, a line should be drawn for anyone's dissent at going after another's job because he has different values and views. So Democratic, isn't it? They espouse and demand their inalienable rights but deny and attack other's rights to have contrary views.

I would have loved to see Ms. Morgan attempt a point by point rebuttal of Harwell's listing of what is wrong with America today. That effort would have made anyone feel faint - even a former Governor's press secretary. Truth is hard to smother with words.

Although Ms. Morgan fails to identify her long standing membership in the Democratic (now Socialist) party and supporter/heavy contributor to Obama's election, the connection of the dots is very clear. Almost every point Mr. Harwell makes can be traced back to the Democratic Party and its descent into the Socialist/Communist economic system and political correstness quagmire that has carried so many of us with it. And she doesn't like it.

While I am supportive of Mr. Harwell, I am afraid that his corrections fail to go to the lengths that someday we may have to resort to if we are to restore America to its once splendor. How else (except taking to the streets) can we stop the Christian faith mockery? How else can we regain our sovereignty over our borders? How else can we get government out of every facet of our lives? How else can we salvage our failed public education system? What other way can we restore personal responsibility and not pass blame onto others for losers' failure. The politicians have shown their inability to do anything. It is the skewed failure of our most ignoble politicians and thinkers such as Morgan that have almost brought us all down. And most of us don't like it. We really don't like what has happened to America.