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The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street
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To the editor: How does the Tea Party differ from Occupy Wall Street?

The Tea Party wants to cut spending in all areas. The OWS wants spending increased for their benefit.

The Tea Party acquired permits to assemble. The OWS just showed up and set up tents.

The Tea Party did not break the law and threaten to riot and kill cops. The OWS has broken the law and carried signs threatening the opposition.

The Tea Party was condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike. The OWS is being praised by the Democrats.

The Tea Party left the area clean and free of dung. The OWS has made a huge mess almost everywhere.

The Tea Party paid its own way. The OWSD has taken every handout offered and asked for more. The list goes on. Be prepared for violence. Occupy Wall Street wants your money.

Do you need more evidence which is the better choice and which is more productive. The OWS are generally younger and have not been able to acquire the fruits of their labor, but they seem to want your fruits that you have worked for.

The Tea Party and the OWS do have common ground. We are all dissatisfied with the status quo. The status quo is stagnant, and that is what's stopping the Democrats from spending more of you money and bankrupting the future. We have been told for years to save for the future, but we are now being encouraged to spend and to hell with the next generation. Investments they call it. Well to fail to plan is to plan to fail, and our government can not even produce a budget on time or at all.

I don't believe Ron Paul, the presidential candidate, will be elected, but he offers the truth about our situation financially and in other ways. The truth would mean pain for us and pain for the government in all areas, hopefully by kicking out the crooks, the deceivers and the pretenders. Face it, people, capitalism will solve the problems and communism/socialism will make them worse. Just look around the world. You should not be able to vote yourself a pay raise by union vote and electing your own crook. The rest of the people must be considered they pay the salaries of all.

Obamaville and the democrat/socialist children have occupied many cities this past few weeks. People call it the American way, and I agree that protest is good when you see wrong doing. We need a government that will prosecute those who create problems and our U.S.D.O.J. has not prosecuted those in the housing catastrophe at this time. The powerful, the government and the lobbyist must be kept in check. Don't just kick them out of office. They must be punished when they violate the Constitution. We need to elect the U.S. Attorney General by a majority in the 50 state legislatures and not let the president appoint them. Hold them responsible. Read the story on Jack Abramoff, the convicted lobbyist and the 100 congressmen in his pocket.

Luke Knight