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Dear Editor: I want to personally thank the citizens of Newton County who live in District 3, for supporting me in my campaign to be their next County Commissioner. Although I wish the outcome would have been different, I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to run in this race. My campaign team worked hard and I believe we left no stone unturned. I am a winner because I did something that I believe in and because I did my very best.

I have no regrets. I stuck to the issues and did not make this campaign a personal attack on my opponent. I believe in the democratic process. The people of District 3 have spoken and I respect their decision.

As I said throughout my campaign, I chose to live in Newton County. I will continue to stay involved, lending my support to civic, religious and governmental activities. I encourage other citizens, by my example, to look for opportunities where they can be involved, invest their time and make this county an even better place to live. Again, I want to thank the citizens of Newton County for supporting me, and I hope to see you joining me in making a difference!

Kevin Wade