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Dear Editor: I was in Newton County during the week of Oct. 13-17, and I experienced something that I thought no longer existed.

A jury trial, where a jury convicted an innocent man. The trial was that of Franklin Benson. Mr. Benson was charged with murder in Newton County. All during the trial I listened to testimony and waited for something that would convince me of Mr. Benson's guilt.

There was a great deal of testimony that said he was not a nice guy. In fact, there was a lot of testimony from Mr. Benson himself which said he was a liar, and maybe even a cheat, but not a murderer.
I challenge any Newton County resident who served on that jury to write in and tell us what their reason was for voting guilty.

This is still America, and I thought we had moved away from convicting people only because they are charged with a crime, or don't appear the way we "think" they should appear.

The District Attorney never presented even a shred of evidence that said Mr. Benson killed anyone. As a matter of fact, there was evidence which said he was elsewhere at the time of the crime.

Jurors of this case, please respond. I think the family of the victim deserves to have the right person convicted of this crime.