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Tapping into the problem
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Dear Editor: In the last five years my family has burned up three washing machines, two dishwashers and two hot water heaters. Why? We live in what we call the "no water zone." Our neighbor has burned up two hot water heaters in less than a year.

Our water provider continues to raise our monthly water bills but does nothing about the water pressure or quality. We never know from day to day, or even hour to hour, if we will have water. It takes 45 minutes to an hour just to fill up the tub of the washing machine. There is never enough pressure to take a decent show.

We attempted to hook up to the county water line that is just 350 feet from our home. We can’t. It is the end of the line, and it will not be extended unless we pay $3 a foot. We would have to pay for the heavy equipment, the pipe (at $10 a foot) and $2,800 for the meter. The total would be over $10,000. That is not an easy amount to come by when you live on Social Security.

The county water line runs through the woods where there are no houses, and fire hydrants are all behind our house.

We pay our taxes on time every year. But what good does it do? We can’t even get water. We are taken advantage of by our water provider.

Can anyone solve our problem?