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Sharon Degonia: Give John Douglas a second chance
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Dear editor,

I must take exception to the recent statement in “Our Thoughts” that John Douglas’s controversial reaction was to “something as benign as a photo on Facebook.” There was nothing “benign” about that photo. It was created to shock, outrage and disgust the average American citizen. He posted the original picture, which was much more graphic than the version shown on the TV news, so I’ve seen the image in its most offensive form.

I wish he had not reposted the photo on Facebook, and, of course, I wish he had not responded with the comments that he did. But what’s done is done. We’ve all done or said things we wish we could undo.

Mr. Douglas has been harshly upbraided over and over again and he has sincerely apologized, adding that he will work toward being a better man. I believe him.

John Douglas has represented Georgians for a number of years; both as a State Senator and as a Newton County Commissioner. Over and over again he has looked out for our best interests. I think he deserves a second chance. Let’s give it to him.

Sharon Degonia