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Roundabout concerns
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Dear Sirs: I sincerely hope a thorough traffic study is performed before final decisions are made to build roundabouts on Ga. Highway 11. I've lived in the Mansfield area for 14 years and have never seen traffic terribly backed up at either of the intersections being considered. I travel from Mansfield to I-20 and back daily. Depending on my work hours, it's during morning and afternoon rush hours or mid-afternoon and the middle of the night. At no time have I ever had to wait more than a couple of minutes to get through the intersections.

The worst is when I-20 is closed due to an accident and traffic is re-routed onto U.S. Highway 278. The stretch of Highway 11 between I-20 and Mansfield is mostly rural. The highest volume of passenger vehicles is in the morning and afternoon as people take/pick-up their kids at school and people going to/from work. The rest of the time traffic consists of farm equipment and tractor trailer trucks, along with a large volume of pickup trucks pulling all varieties of trailers - horse trailers, boats, bales of hay, etc. How easy is it for these large vehicles to maneuver a roundabout safely?

What impact will the building of a roundabout at Pony Express have on the businesses located at that intersection? Livestock auctions take place twice a month there and are well attended. How will the vehicles towing livestock trailers get in and out safely?

I do not have any vested interest in the buildings, businesses, or land in the immediate area of the proposed roundabouts. I'm just a concerned citizen.

Patricia Hagan