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Road rage
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Dear Editor: Is anyone lost in a maze of traffic, ready to spit hairs, going crazy one red light at a time? If not, then try Salem Road to and from work, any hour of the day, except 1 until 4:30 a.m., and you will pray for it to be widened. What is going on with this road that no one cares enough to face the fact that it is only getting worse? Can anyone feel good about their drive on Salem Road on the Covington or Conyers side of things when it comes to this mess we face each workday and weekend alike? Does anyone out there want this to change or am I the only unhappy taxpayer with this taxing prayer every single day... Come on people, lighten up on Salem Road or "voice up" how you feel so that I don't feel alone in this city and county we live in. This time, it's time for real change. Why didn't we get money to do this project that is needed? Who isn't doing their job?