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Praise for performers
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Dear Sirs: I attended (the recent) performance of "Hello Dolly!" at Newton High School.

Over the course of my 36-year career in public schools, I have seen more plays that I can recount. But, for sure, (this) performance by the Oxford Youth Singers with the Oxford Singing Children was in the top two of all time - for me - and every bit as good as "Les Miserables", which I saw performed by high school students while Superintendent of Carroll ISD in metro-Dallas.

From the acting, to the props, to the choreography, to the incredibly great singing, "Hello Dolly!" will remain memorable for me and many others in the years to come!

I am particularly ecstatic as I suspect that most of the children involved in this production are students in Newton County School System!

Once again, the Newton County Arts Association is to be congratulated for this most excellent rendition of the arts in our community. As school superintendent, and one who knows the research base for the importance of the arts, I thank you...but, moreover, I thank you for the life-enriching (and learning) experience this event was for so many in our community and especially for these most TALENTED kiddos.