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Dear Editor: Our mystic president from Hawaii or Indonesia or Kenya or wherever (but then who cares) promised a transparent and open government as basic for him if elected. Instead, after almost six months in office, his administration seems more politics of smash and grab than ever before seen. As he frantically goes about totally dismantling what it was that got us where we once were, there is little or no outcry from the media, his political opponents and us, the ones who put him there.

While Obama's governing appeal may have reached an apogee, too many stick to their almost religious fervor for him. The world has not witnessed such an evangel of peace since Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

This will change, but it may be a dollar short and a day late. If Obama is able to push through a social medical/health program and its inherent trillions of dollars cost, coupled with trillions more for the "stimulus" and the cap and trade disaster, our currency will become flimsy at best, worthless at worst. No matter how one might have played the game and squirreled away enough for retirement, it will not be enough. No matter if the economy does somehow recover, with a fiat money system with paper backing it and a corrupt government administering it, it cannot be sustained. We are most surely headed for a replay of the Weimar Republic following World War I. Then we will care.

Obama's dismantling of our free enterprise system has already carried us into the realm of Socialism-heading for Communism. From history we should have learned that Communism has gained footholds as protests against the way the world has worked. Unfortunately, Communism must have "cleansing" and results in things always becoming much worse - usually accompanied by mass murders, privations and loss of all freedoms. And Obama's paid professional liars and political cronies try to quantify socialism as a percentage, as a number, by acclaiming that we will only have 50 percent control by the government if the affected one's programs are passed - less than France or Germany. Unbelievable and we sit still for it.

While much of Obama's programs may be jarring to his foes and supporters alike, Obama is not content to sit on the sole achievement of being elected as our president; his goal is to be tribune for all mankind. One world government is on the horizon, as well as ours. This begs the question of where his loyalties actually lie. All this from an unsavory poseur (how else would you describe one who sat in a church where for 20 years its achieved postulator preached white hatred). And our response, our normal tradition - go lie in the sand or get ready for college football - as we lose our country.