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Morgans colors are camouflage
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Barbara Morgan meanders all over the world to finally arrive at the real reason for her attempt to educate those with opposing political viewpoints than her gospel. Using almost two columns (July 19) she describes the beauty of colors and attempts to define those colors discernible to the human eye. Thankfully she did not extend this treat to angstroms and the expressions of wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation and pure spectral colors.

The purpose of this flubdub was to offer sly and camouflaged thought on the Paula Deen saga and the acquittal of George Zimmerman for killing a child. In the Deen case, Ms. Morgan can’t quite mask her feelings about the never-to-be-forgiven transgressions of the famous Southern chef’s use of the "N" word decades before. The snide comment that Deen only admitted to the usage was because she had to is disgusting. Perhaps Ms. Deen told the truth because it was the right thing to do. Bill Clinton failed to tell the truth in a sworn deposition in the Paula Jones crud even though he "had to." Perhaps Ms. Deen would have lied had she known of her future vilification and pillorying.

Regarding her attempt to weigh in on the Martin verdict (Zimmerman armed and the child not) and paint it as grey, she may have found an acorn. While we may never know the entire story or events leading to Mr. Martin’s demise, we do know that after Mr. Zimmerman was sucker-punched, the fight was over. He did not know whether he was in Florida or Poland. It is hard to defend oneself when one’s nose has been relocated. He was down for the count and there was no cavalry, nor The Lone Ranger, to save the day. Not content with a TKO, Trayvon set about performing the coup de grace on the weird white cracker.

The jury saw through the state’s hatchet job to convict, and thank God they knew this was a clear case of a man’s right to defend himself even against a teenager. What is it that Ms. Morgan and others do not see about this? Self-defense trumps any law that I know of.

Then enter the race hustlers the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, demanding retribution, vengeance and possible currency. Again what is grey about all this?

There are many in our fair land who will never accept the jury’s decision and mark them for life as well as the "racist Zimmerman.’’ After all, how could six women, five white, possibly know that the law should be tempered with sympathy and personal experience of being a black teenager just eating his Skittles and minding his own business? Forget about the law and feel the pain.

I do not know who wrote the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag, but one word has always stuck out with me, and that is indivisible. Indivisible-that which cannot be divided. I don’t know where our America is with that anymore. Much of this is due to the apologists who want everyone to be a winner and color all responsibility as grey. Like Ms. Morgan.

I would encourage Ms. Morgan to just get to the point -- at least have the courage to say what it is she resents about human frailties and attached personal liability such as in the case of Zimmerman’s trial and the poor decisions made by a young, but nonetheless dangerous, Trayvon Martin. And the long ago misspeaks of Ms. Deen.

Felton Hudson