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Letters to the editor - Too Close to Home
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Dear Editor: My family is very opposed to the drag strip that is to be built in Social Circle because the location surrounds many residents. I have read several comments in newspapers from people who live close to existing drag strips.  People state they live three, four, or five miles away.  Mind you, they say miles.  Not once have I read, heard, or know of anyone whose kitchen table is within 100 feet of the proposed strip.  Yes, I said feet.  Ten or more of my neighbors live within 100 yards.  One hundred, more or less, of my neighbors live within one-half mile.  The developer states that operating hours of his venue will be 75 hours per week.  What kind of ready made 100 foot natural buffer can he plant to help us from the noise, as well as fumes and dust that are dangerous to our health?  Can you buy trees that large, and will they survive?
 I am baffled how our county officials, the people we elected into office, ignore our pleas and say they do not want to get involved.  How can they treat our citizens this way?
I ask this for my own infant grandchildren, and my neighbors’ children and grandchildren that we see playing outside when we drive down the road.  Anyone who lives this close to a drag strip, please contact me and give me advice on how we can protect ourselves and still allow our children to play outside.  So whoever out there that lives within 100 feet of this sort of nightmare, I’ll bring coffee and doughnuts if you let me and my husband visit your home during race times so we can get an understanding of what we may have to live with.  God willing we won’t have to, because we can’t just pack up, leave and give our home away.  Could you?

Jesse and Theresa Camp
Social Circle