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Letters to the editor - No wonder
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Dear Editor: Please allow me to briefly comment on a front page news story titled "Shelter finally signs lease with housing authority" in the Feb. 5 edition.

I find a quoted statement from Mayor Kim Carter to be both tasteless and unprofessional. Pastor Clara Lett from our homeless shelter was trying to work out payments of a large required utility deposit along with an unexpected power bill. Carter was quoted as saying, "and the idea is to give a waiver because you're the homeless shelter?"

I would like to ask Carter if she made the same statement to the representative from the Chamber of Commerce when he appeared before her and asked her for a gift of an enormous sum of taxpayer funds? Did she make a similar remark like, "and the idea is to give you the money because you're the Chamber of Commerce?" I hardly think so.

Did she make similar remarks when Main Street and other organizations appeared asking for money?
When Carter wants to spend money to redecorate her office or go on elaborate and grandiose junkets, nothing had better get in her way. With this type of behavior coming from the mayor of Covington, no wonder so many local people go to Conyers to shop.

Allison R. Jordan

Editor’s note: The Covington Council cancelled their retreat at Brasstown on Wednesday.