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LETTER: Vote ‘yes’ for Referendum B to support family farms
Letters - OPINION

Dear Editor: 

My name is Chuck Berry and my family owns Berry’s Tree Farm in Covington, Georgia. The Berry family has been farming in the Almon Community of Newton County since 1894. We have definitely seen the changes in and the challenges faced by local farming operations. We have been fortunate to maintain our family farm for more than 125 years. Without tax incentives for family farms and the support of our community, this would not have been possible.

This November when you head to the polls to vote, you will also vote on a statewide referendum that could benefit family farms like ours. Referendum B asks Georgia voters if they support extending the ad-valorem tax exemption family farms currently receive when they purchase certain farm products and equipment, to two or more unrelated farm families that have partnered with one another. A “Yes” vote and passage of this referendum would more accurately reflect the way many farms are structured today. By partnering with another family farm, it is easier to afford the things we need to continue operating. 

This change would not only help family farms, but it will also benefit Georgia consumers as the price of food, clothing and shelter is directly tied to the costs farmers incur to produce it. 

So, when you head to the ballot box, vote “Yes” on Referendum B to support family farms like ours and to ensure Georgia’s number one industry can continue to provide the food and fiber we rely on every day.

Chuck Berry