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Letter to the editor...Healthcare reform
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Dear Editor: I cannot believe that no one understands the basic foundation of this country - the American worker. I would not expect a soldier with the flu to fight a better fight, nor would I expect a ditch digger to dig deeper when his son is at home with a toothache. We need a health and dental plan across the board for this county.

Imagine the play-ball pit at McDonald's. Every individual ball in that pit represents an American occupation. Now, if the census bureau and an independent research firm merged to give an accurate accounting of the number of those separate occupations and tallied an accurate number, then you would know how many share the same job. If that firm informs Blue Cross Blue Shield and other health insurance companies of these numbers and together they send every American a health/dental plan, occupation by occupation, what we then have is a unionized health plan. Those who had no hope of decent health care now share the same premiums within their own occupation - 100 percent coverage. This will alleviate corporations from the burden of group plans, and that surplus of funds will kick-start our economy.

Anyone willing to work will have unionized healthcare within the same brotherhood, from burger flipper to congressman. This is not socialism, but each caring for his own. Revolution runs through my blood; I'm descended from General Andrew Pickens. We must be at peace and work together.