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Letter to the editor
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Dear Editor: After spending a considerable amount of time in an interview with Rachel Oswald expressing my position, I regret having to write this letter to set the record straight.
In the article "District 3 Candidates Weigh In" in the Covington News, Rachel Oswald writes "the two candidates' civic organization memberships also shed light on the differing views they each have of what is good development for the county. Schulz has been endorsed by the Newton County Homebuilders Association and is an active member of the Covington/Newton County Chamber of Commerce." This statement reflects Rachel Oswald's attempt to create a difference of opinion where there is not one. The truth is that Keith Mitcham and I share a very similar vision and hope for the future of Newton County.
Contrary to what the Covington News reports, my involvement with the Newton County Homebuilders consists of participating in two candidate forums. Furthermore, to my knowledge the Newton County Homebuilders endorsed Mr. Mitcham's candidacy as well as mine. Quality development means quality residential, quality commercial and quality industrial development, and that is what we all want.
While the article fairly represents my participation in the Newton County chamber of Commerce, it completely omits that I have spent the last 16 years volunteering with local organizations that focus on children and families, such as the YMCA, Newton High School Booster Clubs, Fairview and Cousins PTOs and committees of the Board of Education. Another important aspect of our interview which Ms. Oswald failed to mention is my work with the Newton County Health Department. Providing care as a nurse practitioner, along with my business experience and volunteer work, gives me a unique perspective on the diverse needs of Newton County.
At this time, more than ever, it is important to elect qualified candidates. In order for the voters to make an informed decision, it is crucial that The Covington News educate the public on all candidates fairly and most importantly accurately.

Nancy Schulz
District 3 Democratic candidate