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Letter to the editor - Why Iran hates U.S.
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Editor: Once again, facts and scholarship fall by the wayside. In the letter Attack on childhood (The Covington News, Jan. 21), the writer did not understand why the Iranians hated the United States.

In 1953, the United States overthrew the democratically elected government of Iran. Iran’s sin? It was going to nationalize its British-owned oil industry. In other words, we destroyed a democracy over money.

In its wake we installed a despot. The Shah of Iran headed a regime that "disappeared," tortured, and killed Iranian citizens. Their sin? Opposing America’s autocrat.

The writer ultimately turns to ancient Biblical lore looking for an explanation of Iran’s hatred of the United States. Recent history provides a much more compelling explanation.

In the world where America can do no evil, facts and scholarship must be ignored. For those of us who want the truth, even one that leads to an unflattering self-image, facts and scholarship matter.

Roy Evritt