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Letter to the editor - Senseless coverage
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Dear Editor: The article you printed Friday, Jan. 14 on the front page, "Members of Judges’s Family Sentenced in 2008 Fight," was totally unnecessary. Why humiliate individuals again, more than a year later? Yes, what happened last December was not appropriate behavior, but that was last year. Why reprint a detailed summary on the front page with pictures. This is old news. What purpose did it serve? If you thought it was necessary to report the results of the court hearings, you could have written a short article on an inside page without pictures. Do you print the results of all court appearances in your paper? What made this so news worthy? You have made it seem like these individuals are common criminals when they are good citizens who made a mistake. The families involved have done much good in our community over the years, both physically and financially, and to disgrace them like this is wrong. You need to spend more time finding good things going on in our community to put the front page of your paper.

Nina Doty