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Letter to the editor... Robbing from the poor
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Dear Editor: I emphatically agree with the previous opinions where disgust was shown for the manner in which our local elected officials are spending money. If our local Chamber of Commerce can’t support itself, then why don’t they just close their doors and go home like other businesses have to do? Why are they running to the city and county governments looking for a handout like a bunch of moochers? I also don’t agree with money being spent on fancy houses for the Recreation Department, trails being paved and parks being built. A fraction of this money would pay for our sheriff officer’s bullet proof vests and keep more county employees from taking pay cuts. No one hardly uses the existing Turner Lake trail or the bike lanes in Covington anyway.

The City of Covington council people, and I guess other employees, are going to a mountain resort on a so-called "retreat." Don’t these elected officials realize that the far majority of the taxpayers are struggling to keep their heads above water, and going to a resort to them is only a distant dream; they could care less about hiking and biking trails, and they could also care less if the Chamber of Commerce packed up and went to Mars. They only know that our local government seems to be running a "Robin Hood in reverse" operation that is taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Maybe someone will start a recall petition and we won’t have to wait for the next election.


Andy Stephens