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Letter to the editor - Newborn and Porterdale Play Smart with Railroad
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Dear Editor: The city councils of Newborn and Porterdale have shown the kind of leadership and vision that the city council of Covington sadly rejected in a vote that the Covington News editorial board wisely opined as "taken for political reasons only." By entering into a non-binding agreement with the Norfolk Southern Railroad, Newborn and Porterdale will be able to continue exploring the potential purchase of the abandoned NS rail line through our county. With the support of the Newton County Trails-Path Foundation Inc., they hope to preserve an important transportation by-way through our beloved county.

While I am sad that the county seat that I love and live in has found a way to be on the regressive vanguard, I am delighted that the small towns of our county see the value in progressive thought and action. I realize that the road may be long, given the purchase price of the rail line and the current economic climate. But I am deeply grateful that our friends in Newborn and Porterdale have not closed their minds to a once in a lifetime opportunity. Keeping our options open for the future is the job of our elected officials. On the heels of the recent July 4th celebration in Porterdale, it’s nice to see our small towns continue to lead us. Many thanks to Newborn and Porterdale. If you haven’t done it already, visit Newborn and Porterdale. They are gems in the midst of our beautiful county.


Dan Walden