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Letter to the editor: Misinformed
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Dear Editor: Your May 23 editorial, "Era of humiliation" brings to mind the old saying: "You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts."

If "some presidents live in California," I would like to know their identities. Pres. Calderon was the conservative candidate and was actually the "darling" of the Bush Administration. His election was extremely close and not certified until weeks afterward.

Calderon’s single five-year term ends soon, and he will be followed by another lawfully- elected president.

Referring to Pres. Calderon as a "despot" because he disagrees with U.S. immigration policy is a bit extreme. He also outlined areas of improvement in the Mexican economy such as reducing the budget deficit (roundly applauded by Republicans) and reducing the numbers of profoundly impoverished people by a huge percentage.

Pres. Calderon also commented upon U.S. assault weapons being smuggled into Mexico for use by drug gangs. And we must remember that the main users of illegal drugs are everyday American citizens.

So who really is the "corrupt little man" whose lies have humiliated the U.S.? I think he might be hiding on your editorial board, rather than in Mexico.