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Letter to the editor: Misguided
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Dear Editor: Friday’s editorial about a potential millage rate increase is yet another example of a disturbing trend in the News’ editorials of recent months.

The editorial blatantly misrepresented the facts involved in an attempt to support the News’ blanket opposition to any and all tax "increases." The truth is that this moderate millage rate hike is not a net tax "increase." The higher millage rate will be roughly offset by declining property values and assessments. Moreover, you know this. Or at least you should. Your own coverage of the Board of Education meeting pointed it out ("Tentative Budget Set," Amber Pittman, Fri., May 21).

If you want to argue against the BOE’s attempt to keep the school system’s head above water during these trying times, that’s certainly your prerogative, as misguided as I believe that view to be. But at least argue your case on the merits and without using this kind of misdirection and misinformation. It’s irresponsible, it detracts from the discussion, it certainly brings us no closer to solutions, and your readers deserve better.