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Letter to the editor... I agree with Ms. Banks
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Dear Editor: I was appalled by the letter to the editor from Katie Hurd in the June 14 edition. She was very critical of a previous letter from Ms. Mae Banks. In that letter Ms. Banks was complaining about a type of lascivious behavior shown by mostly white women in some of our restaurant parking lots. I am in 100 percent in agreement with Ms. Banks.

I do not enjoy seeing this type of behavior nor do I enjoy seeing their tattoos on their lower backs. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that crime comes from this type of behavior.

I hope Ms. Hurd read the front page of the paper that contained her letter. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office was investigating a dead body found in a local creek. Also the Newton County Jail had 550 inmates, many of them repeats.

I believe everyone in Newton County knows that these women are human beings and need our prayers. This was not the point of Ms. Banks’ letter. She seemed to be trying to make the restaurants, police and churches aware of these deplorable conditions so that they might be corrected.

On June 12, several law enforcement agencies conducted a drug bust within 500 yards of my apartment. Six people were arrested. I hope Ms. Banks keeps up her good work and writes more letters to your paper.

George R. Miller